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I was thinking about make a Twitter account, a bunch of DeviantArt and Tumblr artists has Twitter, and uses it frequently for updates and information, (in a better and efficient way than DeviantArt). For example, Streamings or Comm updates (or shitposting).
If you want to follow me, here is the link:
COMMISSIONS info! by Anzhyra
The full and official commissions sheet.
For the moment I don't see necessary put slots, just PM me and we can talk about it.
Steam sales are gone and I successfully did some commission, so… it’s time to get serious, isn’t? then, I’ll be preparing the full commissions chart this week.
Thanks for the interest and the support!
Well, is a pretty fine number so I decided to create this journey and leave a message for all of you.
I'm feeling very satisfied for reach this number (almost 1000, I guess), and all thanks to you, beloved human beings who enjoys my creations. I'll keep working hard and doing my best.
Right now I'm busy with personal projects and other kind of stuff, but when I've end up these things, I'm going to try open commissions, that sound amazing, i-isn't?

One more time, many thanks for watching me and appreciate my work.
I've joined in this coffee-maker thingy, and I set up my paypal account too, so...

ko-fi is a page where you can create buttons for donations, "buying a coffee for someone".

If you want to support me contributing and helping with some money you can make both of us happy, and I'll to appreciate dearly the detail.

If the button doesn't work, tell me about.

I leave the button in my page profile. Thanks for reading!